Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is an apricot that grew up unexpectedly from some sheet composting or maybe one of the boys spit out the pit when they were little. Now it's about 15' tall.

The part that I wanted to focus on is of course the blurry part but if you can imagine, buds are about ready to open. The only problem is the apricots aren't native and they think the first warm snap means 'time to flower.' Then more snow comes. Over the years, I've had maybe 5 apricots from this tree but they are apricots that stopped time.

This gives you an idea of the life force in this beast. If you look closely at the bottom you can see the old concrete block that it sprang out of. The Yard Man and I went back and forth about this tree so no decision was ever made to move it. The Yard Man wants to cut it down but I tell him that I don't mess with his junky shed so he can't touch my hearty volunteers.

It looks like a shackled elephant doesn't it? Sort of like Dumbo?