Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Problems, Problems, Problems

A couple of issues to grind over:
The area I dug for the corn bed used to be sunny all day but is not achieving the 6 hr minimum that I expected.  We used to literally stretch out under bushes for shade when we were building the house but now, most of the back yard is in shade.  There are puddles of sunny areas, but that's all.  
The area I dug for the corn bed is near a Siberian (I think) Elm tree that decided to scatter seeds All Over the Place this year.  I'm happy that it felt healthy enough to do that, but I'm faced with the slaughter of hundreds of tiny elm trees if I want to have veggies in that bed.
My little froggy fountain is being messed with somehow at night.  For a couple of months I had a little garden feature, then somehow the water disappeared while we were sleeping.  OK, so the solution is to turn the fountain off at night.  Now the thing isn't pumping.
A little sparrow is chewing off my Snow in Summer for her nest.  Flower by flower.  She's in there, over to the right.