Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Watery Mistake

This started out as a lovely little water feature to fill a need until I could take the subject seriously enough to make a larger one.  A simple pan, a simple pump and some rocks.  Then I had to have a spitting frog and that is when the trouble started.  

I noticed  that the pan was half drained in the morning and attributed that to a thirsty raccoon or deer.  

Ok, simple enough to turn the motor off at night and refill it in the morning.  Then the motor wouldn't start the next day.  

Ok, I'll use the back-up pump.  Oh wait, two days later, it's not pumping.

Ok, fine, I really like the sound of the water so I'll go get another pump.  Luckily I run into a water gardener at McGuckin's who gently explains to me that the pumps need to be cleaned out.  


Well, the new feature hasn't been installed yet because the Yard Man is busy working at his real job, so right now, what I have is this algae pondlet.  I know it's up to me to change the water and clean it out, but I get busy, all right?

I hope the children don't find out how I'm wasting their inheritance in the garden.