Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Computer Garden

I don't think there are any documents that will expose me in this photo.  The concrete wall in the window is my neighbors' house.  I put some brown nylon screen up to shade against the summer sun.  I had the little Reverewear pot when I was a little girl and somehow it followed me here.  That hoya plant - I can't remember where I got it but it has to be 25 years old.  A good bloomer.  The boots belong to my Yard Man - his mom took the trouble to bronze them for him.  The meditating elephant I got near Cambria, CA (made by; the Santa type face I made in a pottery class with my then-toddler; the Mardi Gras beads came from Whole Foods; the gargoyle from West End Gardener was in my son's garden when he had one; and the robin came from a Hobby Lobby sale.  There, I think  you know all about me now.