Monday, August 4, 2008

Tomato Trials

This year I decided to grow some 'maters once I realized that I could if I planted them in the back yard out of the deer's reach.  
I bought seeds and nursed them along,  potting them up as they grew, then I struck out in a new direction, trying different locations.  
Most of the plants are so unimpressive that they don't show up in the picture.  One was totally swallowed by the Rugosa Roses that are having a banner year;  another one grew tall and spindly and begged to be eaten by buggies (and they complied); one is doing O.K. in full sun but just has one fruit. 
The star of the show is this one that I put in a pot and moved from the east side of the porch to the west side of the porch every day.  It's filled with little green tomatoes.  It was little effort for the reward that's coming and I understand now where my future lies with tomato crops.