Friday, September 5, 2008

The Fruit Dilemma

Ok, I love the idea of fruit trees in the yard. I love the sour cherry that is on the edge of the lot that the birds and deer decimate every year. I loved my plum tree before the frost and wind sapped the life out of it. But the apple tree and the peach tree in front are testing me this year.

Remember the peach tree I was so proud of earlier this year? The volunteer that rarely blooms did so abundantly this year and the peach crop was so huge that we had to pull hundreds off last weekend so that the branches wouldn't break. The bad thing is that the peaches have no flavor. It's a cruel joke for this peach loving lady.

The apple tree normally blooms and fruits but the crop this year was also plentiful so for the last month I have been dealing with apples on the sidewalk outside the front door. This picture was taken a couple of minutes after I cleaned them all out. The squirrels are still taking one bite out and then throwing them on the ground. It's hard to beat the taste, though, of a warm apple just fallen from the tree.