Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st Snow in Boulder

The balmy fall days are gone for a while.  We woke up to some snow on the ground that melted right away.  The mountains are being dumped on, though which is great for the water supply. Most of the systems are going south of us.

I remembered some greens I had planted in September - kale and turnip greens, I think. Those are covered now with a plastic cloche.

My Yard Man and I did get the new garden area roughly dug before the moisture hit. The plan is to let the water seep down into the deeper soil and break it up with freezes and thaws. I still haven't gotten used to the look of the fence but the dogs are loving the extra area to run around.

Some time after that 6' high fence went in, our Scottie went tearing out the open door into the back yard. There was a full grown buck, something I haven't seen since the fence went up. He could have gored her with one of his antlers but she is such a fierce little presence and that sent him running off to the front yard. She tried to go after him down the side yard but I stopped her so she settled for scolding him through the front window.