Monday, March 31, 2008

Maybe a Maze?

I'm really considering doing some kind of grass sculpturing in my front yard this year.    
We never put sod down in the front yard which is about half of our 1/4 acre lot.  We just water and mow the field grass that was there when we started building.  One year we let it grow a little too long for some neighbor who reported us.  Apparently the idea of a meadow wasn't their vision for the 'hood.
But this year, I'd decided to leave some patches of grass to grow to provide a natural 'fence' to the south and to leave some seed heads for over-wintering birds.  Serendipity called and left me a message about Rick Darke who is speaking at the Denver Botanical Gardens tomorrow.  "Sure, I know you won't make the drive, but at least check out his books," she said. So I found this one.  I'm inspired now to let a lot of the yard grow and just leave some paths to get to the planting areas and compost.  It just looks so sensuous.
My 'before' pictures are in the camera.  Once the mowing starts, I'll post something on whether this is an event worth tracking or just a reason for that neighbor to call the city again.
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