Monday, April 7, 2008

Die, comfrey, die!

This is the last (I hope) of the comfrey invasion that I've been battling for several years. Yes, I welcomed comfrey - nay - asked for comfrey to join my plants, scoffing at my friend's warning that comfrey is a guest that will not willingly leave.

The plant is big and beautiful and perhaps the greediest water hog that has ever lived in my yard. Not only that, when there isn't enough water in this arid climate, Her Hugeness wilts as if to announce to passers-by what an awful garden-tender I am.

I have dug up the big black roots again and again. I've covered them with weed barrier and inches of mulch. I've even put pavers on top of them to try to get them to go away. Now all I have left are these little shoots and I'll stay after them until they are gone. Maybe I'll go so far as to eat them!