Saturday, April 12, 2008

Harumpf! Gardening Experts.

I went to a presentation on landscaping for conservation that I totally mis-read, thinking it was going to be about plants.  After an endless section on sprinkler systems, I left.  I don't have one! I went there to kick start my Real Life Gardening Community phase and what I got were the Experts (on city salaries with city funding that had to be spent).

I have a problem with presentations where text is shown on an overhead screen and the speaker is reading the text for me.  Please, just post it on your website and I'll read it there.
I also have a problem with Experts taking jobs that community used to do.  The industry of Experts grew wildly when my kids were younger and parents were turning to psychologists where their parents would have turned to friends and family.  

The talk served to remind me to  just get into the garden and pull the invasive grass and weeds; dig the holes and put in the seeds and plants; go get those kitchen scraps off the counter and put them into the compost - and while you're there - hey, why not stir the pile!  

Take care.  Cultivate. Pay attention. Foster.  Learn to live with Life.